About Us

Competitive Strengths

Diverse Product Portfolio of Market Leading Brands
We believe we benefit from a diverse portfolio of high-quality and highly-engineered products sold under globally recognized and market leading brand names. By offering a wide range of products, we are able to provide a complete solution to satisfy our customers’ towing, trailering and cargo management needs, as well as serve diverse channels through effective brand management. Our brands are well-known in their respective product areas and channels. We believe that we are the leading supplier of towing products and among the leading suppliers of trailering products globally.
Global Scale with Flexible Manufacturing Footprint and Supply Chain
We were built through internal growth and a series of acquisitions to become the only truly global automotive accessories company with the products we offer. Our global manufacturing operations include facilities in the United States, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, and the United Kingdom as well as through a global network of third party suppliers. We have the ability to produce low-volume, customized, quick-turn products in our global manufacturing facilities, while our sourcing arrangements with third party suppliers provide us with the flexibility to manufacture or source high-volume products as end-market demand fluctuates. Our flexible manufacturing capability, low-cost manufacturing facilities and established supply chain allow us to more quickly and efficiently respond to changes in end-market demand.
Long-Term Relationships with a Diverse Customer Base
Our customers encompass a broad range of OEs, mass merchants, e-commerce websites, distributors, dealers, and independent installers. Customers include Ford Motor Company, Auto Alliance, AutoZone, Amazon, Toyota, Canadian Tire, LKQ and Etrailer, among others. Our customer relationships are well established, many exceeding 20 years. We believe Horizon’s diverse product portfolio, global scale and flexible manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide a unique value proposition to customers.
Completion of Major Investment Cycle
Over the past two years, we have invested over $50 million to modernize and consolidate facilities, upgrade and expand manufacturing capabilities and improve the quality and reliability of our products. With these investment projects behind us, we believe we have the opportunity to benefit from these investments through improved operating margins and cash flow that can be deployed to high value creation activities. The combination of our strong brand names, leading market position, flexible manufacturing and sourcing operations and favorable end-market dynamics as previously illustrated have historically resulted in significant cash flow generation.